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As a coach, your wisdom is your superpower. And you know that sharing your wisdom through consistent content creation is crucial for attracting new clients and nurturing existing relationships. 

But creating authentic, on-brand content week after week while running your practice can feel overwhelming and exhausting. 

The Content Creation Struggle is Real

The reality of running a coaching practice often leaves little time for creative marketing amidst client sessions, program development, and business operations.

Content creation gets reluctantly pushed to the side. What was once a creative outlet and form of expression becomes another stressor that drains your energy and enthusiasm. 

You thrive on those pivotal "aha!" moments when a client experiences a breakthrough. Inspiration strikes and you're filled with valuable insights to share, knowing it will help others.

You may record voice memos, jot down notes, or start writing drafts to capture those bursts of brilliance and creativity. 

But far too often, those illuminated ideas get buried and forgotten as more urgent priorities take over. When you do find time for content creation, it can be difficult to recreate that original inspired flow of thoughts.

Generic AI Writing Tools Fall Short

Many coaches have experimented with AI writing tools to assist with blog posts, emails, social posts and other content. However, these generic AI writers struggle to capture your authentic voice, personality, philosophies and practices that are so crucial for attracting in right-fit clients and connecting more deeply with your current audience.

No matter how many times you rewrite that prompt, the AI just can’t seem to capture the essence of you and your unique wisdom. 

Unleash Your Marketing Genius with AI

What if you had an AI assistant that intuitively understood you - your coaching methodologies, communication style, values and more? An AI that could actually learn from your existing content to craft new materials that look, sound and feel unmistakably you?

It's like having a brilliant content manager and copywriter rolled into one, available 24/7 to capture your creative genius.

As the coaching professional, you stay in full control, providing feedback to refine your AI's output and updating the knowledge base as needed.

Become a Marketing Marvel (Without the Hard Sell)

Whether it be courses you’ve created, articles or books you’ve written, podcasts you’ve recorded, posts you’ve crafted, our AI writing writing assistant helps you with:

Content creation that sounds and feels like you
*  Automated content capture from voice notes, documents, and recordings
*  Suggests content themes and topics based on your wisdom
*  Generates blog posts, emails, social media updates in your voice and communication style

Our AI takes a heart-centered approach to attracting and nurturing your tribe:
*  Lead generation through relationship-building content
*  Personalized nurture sequences to build trust and resonance
*  Natural introductions to your programs and offers

Stay in the Creator's Seat

As the coaching genius, you're always in control. Our intuitive admin tools allow you to:
*  Provide feedback to refine your AI's voice and outputs over time
*  Edit and update the knowledge base powering your AI
*  Collaborate with our team to ensure your AI is an ethereal reflection of you

In short, you’ll multiply your marketing efforts without sacrificing authenticity, quality – or heart.

Rediscover the joy and creativity of content creation and share your wisdom with the wider world as you reconnect with your purpose at the heart of your coaching business.

And do the work you love.

Let your wisdom do the coaching 24/7

Now you can offer real coaching 24/7 to anyone who’s ever wanted it, with both free and subscription options available.

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